I am thankful for each and every opportunity to care for others.

I have 2 amazing children that keep me laughing every day! Their caring nature and creative humor are what I thrive on!

I have been in the healthcare field for over 20 years and have enjoyed caring for others in a way that helps increase their quality of life. I have always had an interest in biology, and during my studies, that interest became focused on botany and environmental issues. My desire to continue caring for people while nurturing my interest in the environment has allowed me to expand into regenerative farming and provide nutrient-rich produce that can aid in disease prevention and help regulate our body systems. I feel that it’s also important to return nutrients to the soil through the practice of regenerative, sustainable farming and support the fragile ecosystem in which we live.

I value building relationships and having true connections with others. This was the driving force in offering weekly personal delivery and participating in the farmers markets. While it’s a joy to watch the produce grow and make the farmhouse goods, it’s an even greater joy getting to know those in my community. I truly enjoy the conversations and the smiles that are shared!

I look forward to hearing from you!